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  1. Hi--my name is Cindy--mom to Makenzie. Just wanted to share that with you that Makenzie was also born with the same degree of HD--11 years ago. She was transplanted in Pittsburgh when she was only 16 months old--that was over 10 years ago. I just remember those early days. I am an RN, but it was still so scary. The life is still scary at times---but I just wanted to share how much hope there is out there. I dont really update our caringbridge page much anymore--but you can still see pics of her there at if you want---or feel free to find me on FB. Makenzie, that I was given very little hope for, is now 11--starting middle school, plays travel fastpitch softball, and shows horses in her spare time. You guys hang in there---Neely is beautiful. If you ever need anything feel free to look me up---Cindy Blackburn (Roanoke, VA)