Saturday, August 5, 2023

The Symphony of Facebook Posts

Hello again. It's been over seven years since our last update on this site. A lot of that is because it had been a relatively uneventful seven years as far as the transplant. She was growing and doing well on status 2. She just completed third grade. Any quick Neely news bits were posted on her Facebook page

But the past couple weeks have been the most eventful since Neely was born. Someday I hope that Kat or I will write out everything because it has been a wild, intense, terrifying, hopeful, heartbreaking, uplifting ride. And I hope that we will someday have the time to fully convey how appreciative and blessed we feel to have the family, friends, and community we have. (I'm still in awe of how many people have donated to and shared the gofundme. It legit feels like it became a movement, and it's been so frickin' inspiring.) Until then, I thought I'd just post the various updates chronologically just to catch everyone up on our girl.